Friday, 15 June 2012

Aigo! Seems I have forgotten about updating this blog. I've moved to Facebook at and will no-longer be updating here. Thanks for reading and hope to "see" you again soon!


Thursday, 1 December 2011


I know, it's been a really long time since I've posted anything here. But I do have a good excuse - I swear! I've been busy with work and being a mom, filling an order for pillow case dresses (hihi, thanks Shannon...I feel so professional saying that!) But wait! I AM professional. Turns out that we got the gov't small business grant after all! I'm beyond excited and can't wait to get started. Luckily, starting in two weeks I'll have about 3 months off of work so I can hopefully get everything put together in time for spring/summer which would most definitely be my peak season considering my goods. I've been busy planning what we'll need and daydreaming about all the fabric I'll be able to afford now! So, I'm not sure how much I'll be posting on here anymore. As soon as possible I think I'll try to get my new professional site up and running so I'll be sure to post a link to that. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lesson Learned

I'll be the first to admit it, I was not too confident about my sewing creations selling here in Korea. Not because of the quality so much, but rather because my style doesn't seem to jibe with those around me. So I made my pillow case tops and my bubble skirts fully accepting that my children were sticking out like sore thumbs and I was probably being mocked or ridiculed for sending them out in "home sewn" clothing instead of high-end labels. But then we went to the Flea Market and it was awesome. I had strangers coming up to me left and right complimenting me on what I'd made. I should have learned from that, but I was so nervous about this last flea market (Oct 27) because I knew my summer wear wouldn't sell well, and I wanted to branch out into more adult accessories in hopes of capturing more of the college crowd at the market. So I made the Infinity Scarves and Fabric Bead Necklaces (which I still think are awesome) but when looking for something more, I stumbled upon the idea of fabric flowers. I decided to create some fabric flower hair ties and pins.
While it's not something I'd wear personally, I honestly thought they'd be a hit. I see women, age 1-100 wearing large flower pins in their hair here in Korea. I figured it's got the Korea flower style meshed with the American fabric, which was so popular with my kids' clothes, so they'd be sure to be a success. In reality: FAIL. In fact, my entire display at this past flea market was a fail. I only sold a pair of baby shoes. Only 2-3 people even glanced at the flower ties.
Alas, I've learned my lesson: be true to myself. From now on, if I wouldn't wear it or dress my child in it, I won't make it. Not to mention the fact that these hair ties were waaaay too much work for the amount of money I could reasonably charge for them - and not satisfying, enjoyable work either because, while I do think they are cute, it's just not my thing. I may use a fabric flower elsewhere in my sewing but never again will I attempt to copy Korean fashion. (and I'm also taking a break from flea marketing until Spring when I can peddle my summer wears again!) But if you're in the market for large fabric flower hair ties, let me know! I suppose I could do a special order. ;)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Happy Accident

I love it when I screw up and the end result is even better than I had planned. The other day I sat down with the remnants of my favorite little-boy pants material and the intention of making my youngest a new pair of pants. I had planned on making a simple, functional pair - no bells or whistles (though now that I think about it, actual bell & whistle pants might be fun for a toddler...someone else's toddler, of course). Anyway, unfortunately I was not paying close enough attention when cutting the legs out because when I came to sew I realized that one side of one leg had a huge gouge taken out from my last project with the material. What to do? I almost scrapped the idea because I was seriously not in the mood to get fancy, but instead i opted to add a simple panel to each side so I could cut off the hole. I turned the stripes horizontally for visual interest and the result?
Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I was so pleased with the pants that I dipped into the special Thomas the Tank Engine fabric that my sister-in-law had just sent. I figured it would be more comfortable around his tummy and more fun for him to wear!

What's New

It's been a long while since I've posted anything on this blog. I wish I could say that it was because I was too busy sewing, but sadly, life has gotten in the way. In fact, we skipped the September Flea Market in order to re-group and prepare for our business proposal (which was turned in yesterday!) We're also hoping to come back strong for the October flea market. Because most of the market-goers are young and childless, I wanted to expand our goods this time around. A friend of mine here in Gwangju happens to have sister who is doing basically the same business back in the States that I'm trying to do here. (check out her website at My Sweet Swirls) She was kind enough to share a couple of ideas with me - as long as I promise not to move in next door and try to steal her customers ;) . So, I give you the Fabric Beaded Necklace!
Although they are intended for adults, I'm really excited about this as a Christmas gift for Irene & maybe some of the other little girls I know. She loves to wear my necklaces, but these sturdy, colorful necklaces are much more suitable for active little girls in my opinion.
Another perk is that it can double as a great teething necklace...
...or an artillery belt? The second new item for our sale is the Infinity Scarf. There are many different ways to wear an Infinity scarf making it the most practical scarf ever!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Now that it's turning to Fall, I've turned my focus from making Flea Market goods to making a wardrobe for the kids. More accurately, "kid" because Oscar gets lots of great hand-me-downs from his cousin and Johan gets lots of great hand-me-downs from that leaves Irene, the oldest girl in the family, out in the cold. My goal for this year was to not buy any new clothing for her (except socks, a winter jacket... and maybe underwear but I'm actually toying with the idea of making those, too) super-cheap flea market goods are acceptable.
So I brought her to the fabric store last weekend and she picked out a beautiful wine-colored corduroy fabric (I love corduroy) and I chose the same in brown. I excitedly began making her some cords. It was during a cold spell, only after I was 1/2 way through with her second pair, that I decided to get their clothes out of storage. I was shocked to find that she has so many pairs of pants, from last year and from hand-me-downs from a friend which I had forgotten about, that they hardly fit in her drawers. Alas, between her pants (pictured along with her favorite home-sewn peasant blouse) and the pair of pants I made for Oscar, I'm already pretty much done with my winter sewing.

But, then again, when I see how happy they are when I show them the finished product - made just for them- and when I tell them to pick out their clothes for the day and they choose the clothes that I made over the store-bought stuff, it makes me want to keep on sewing. Maybe I'll have to make do with some pajamas or something.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Flea Market: 2nd Attempt

Another flea market experience under my belt! This month's flea market was held outside which made it even more enjoyable. I have to admit, I was a little nervous as first as I hadn't made a sale in the first hour or so, but in the end, it turned out about the same as last month's market. The shoes were a huge draw and I sold 3 pairs along with a couple bibs and some more tops and the bubble skirt. The tops, it should be noted, were all the summer tops. No one was interested in my new sleeved line. I guess that's good news for me because sleeveless is so much easier!
I'm not sure if we'll participate in the September market. Our big presentation for the gov't grant is coming up this month and, frankly, most of the patrons of the night flea market are young college students...not exactly and ideal place to sell baby items! But, maybe I'll just go with what I have left and see if I can get rid of it! :)